Welcome to Frank L. Bowser School

Frank L. Bowser School is in the Anglophone East School District and is located in Riverview, New Brunswick. We are a Kindergarten to Grade 5 elementary school with a student population of approximately 300 students. We host the optional entry points to the French Immersion program at the grade one and grade three level as well as the Intensive French program at the grade five level. Our Administrative Team is staffed with 22 exceptional teachers and 12 very dedicated and experienced Educational Assistants. All are devoted to providing the best possible schooling experience and quality education for our students.

At Frank L. Bowser School, we are committed to developing the academic, social and emotional well-being of all students in a positive and inclusive learning environment. Learning is grounded in our mission statement “Working together with mutual respect to achieve our personal best”. We collaboratively work to instill this philosophy in our students, on a daily basis. We set high standards and strive for academic excellence. Learning is the focus for all students in an inclusive setting and the belief that each individual is valued and belongs, is a way of life at Frank L. Bowser School. Our positive learning environment plan is embedded in the “Doing the Right Thing” philosophy which is comprised of three basic rules to live by; 1) Caring and Sharing, 2) Hands are for Helping and 3) Do the Right Thing. This proactive behavior program focusses on teaching positive lifestyle expectations through rewards and recognition. Our well-established culture of “learning for all” provides every opportunity for our students to becoming successful lifelong learners.

We are very fortunate to have one of the most active Home and School Associations in the province of New Brunswick. The collaborative efforts of our Home and School, our PSSC, our FLB families and the greater community, work to provide a seamless system of support to Frank L. Bowser School. The Home and School executive and members work continuously to organize events and develop initiatives to support teachers and students in their learning, and encourage all efforts to “achieve their personal best”.

We also have a very dedicated group of volunteers working hard to raise funds for the rejuvenation of our All World Super Play Park and are always looking for new committed members to add to our group.

It is through the support of our many volunteers and these key stakeholders that we are able to offer such programs as; Daily Breakfast Club, Healthy-minds snacks and brain breaks, Fluoride program, and a Hot-Lunch program three days a week. Students also benefit from the Smart Boards and stationary spin bikes in every classroom. At Frank L. Bowser, students have many opportunities to participate in a wide variety of enrichment activities including the In Harmony Violin Music Program, Yoga, Zumba, Self-Regulation and Social Skills programs, Water-Polo, Cross-Country, Skipping Club, Chess Club…to name a few. We also host afterschool programs such as Mad-Science and Art Club. These programs are all geared to build student’s character and increase confidence in their ability to learn new things. They enhance our student’s physical and mental health and most importantly they foster a sense of belonging. We are grateful and very fortunate to be able to offer such a wide variety of activities and opportunities that support the growth and development of the whole child.

If you would like to become involved, learn more about Frank L. Bowser School or, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Administrative Team at 506-856-3450. Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest and involvement in Frank L. Bowser School.

Yours in Education,

Jonathan Godbout